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The AI for Healthcare Providers course is currently only in Dutch. English version coming soon...

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πŸŽ“ Are you interested in following the course as an individual healthcare provider? Here you go! 😁
Stay tuned for the release of the course in English.

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What will you learn?

It is inevitable that AI is coming to healthcare. So in order for this technology to be used responsibly and adopted by healthcare providers, it is essential that healthcare providers know the basics of AI. This course is your first step to become more AI literate as a healthcare provider! In this course, you will learn:


How long does the course take to complete?
Depending on how deep you want to go yourself, between 2 to 4 hours.

Is this course accredited?
Not yet! I am still working on this! πŸ˜… But if you can help me get this course accredited quickly for your profession, send me a message and then you'll get your registration fee back!

Why isn't this course free?
Since 2018, I have been offering original online content for healthcare providers (see, for example, my YouTube channel CritIC). Always for free. And I have always invested a lot of time and money in this. I am convinced that knowledge itself should be shared for free, and I remain committed to that belief. However, I have already shared the content of this course often in various ways: via LinkedIn, via talks (online/offline), and in various articles. But if you now want to obtain this knowledge in manageable chunks with video and audio support, then I ask you to reward the hours of free time that have gone into it. Of course, if you really cannot afford the course, just send me a message! Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the course! πŸ™

Why are there only a limited number of spots?
I am now offering the course at a discount for 30 spots! Based on the feedback from these early adopters, I will improve the course! But then the discount will also disappear...

I cannot afford this, but I would really like to do the course.
Don't worry about it! Just send me a message!